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Sigh Of Relief … The Decision That Puts Me At Peace Again …

Mar 29th, 2007 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Peace, Personal Stories

Before the deep stuff, some good news!

My last post apparently made a lot of noise on the blogosphere (for those who don’t know, just scroll below and check out the cute bikini pics). Good job pebbles!

And I even got on the top of for 24 hours. It wasn’t my first time, but definitely was my largest margin of victory :P … here’s a snapshot to celebrate

Haha! Good stuff … I usually avoid tracking rankings and stuff … but a friend of mine emailed me and told me it was way on top, that was cool :D

Anyway, back to the brooding issue on hand today

As some of you know, I’ve been struggling with a new job.

The whole getting to office at 9, leaving at 7 thing really sucked the life out of me. Since I started the job, I’ve been much sicker and haven’t gotten a chance to exercise, meditate or relax …

Yes, the work is exciting (and frustrating to work in a haywire startup too) and it’s really rewarded. But after watching my health slip downwards, I decided enough was enough. And so I made up my mind to quit.

I’d been sick for 5 long years before last year … and by making a lifestyle change of becoming a freelancer, I had been able to get back to health. Nothing is worth slipping down that abyss again.

So earlier this week, I made a decision to leave. I wasn’t sure what I’ll do after this, but I had lots of other job offers – I’m sure I could convert some of them into freelance consulting arrangements.

And that’s what happened – right after I made the mental decision to leave … someone got in touch with me and offered me another job.

What My Marketing Idol, Perry Marshall Did After Leaving A Job …

I remembered this old story of Perry Marshall – he had just cashed out on his first successful company being sold … and as soon as he got out, he started getting lots of job offers.

And Perry told them – let’s start with a project/consulting basis and we’ll take it from there.

So, that’s what I did … I talked to that person and essentially explained that freelancing is a lifestyle decision … I’d still be happy to work with him. And of course, my own startup can’t really let me go – I’m critical in the scheme of things … So, even from there, I’m moving from a full-time position to part-time freelancing.

In all, I probably will end up working the same amount as I do now. But it will be at a time & place of my choosing. And I get multiple projects to write about. And I still have time to live well & work on my own projects.

I don’t know what I’ll charge them, but I’d like to keep them around … probably rock bottom rates. After all, I just need enough to pay the bills … My real income has to come from my passive income projects.

This post is super-boring no?

Yeah, I know it is. I hope you’ll bear my “sein”ness for a few more days …

But it’s been a long 5 weeks and I’m sorry for not being my usual fun self. But next Thursday, I leave work and become a free man again. And 30 minutes after that I walk into AKLTG and start coaching other people on making their decisions. So, 10 days from now, I should be my usual jovial self.

And for all you NLP junkies out there, I’m dying to post about some awesome covert hypnosis videos I recently saw … wait for it.

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  1. Hi Rachit,

    I perfectly understand what you are going through. Just persevere ok?

    We met before anyway. I’m at, the guy who handles the financial content, remember?
    Keep doing the things you are doing dude!


  2. Thanks Yong Sing … good to hear from you!

    I read your blog, it’s niiiiiice – I like!

  3. Thanks for the compliment. I guess the feeling is mutual then.

    Actually I’ve been reading your blog for some time, just that I only made the move to comment recently.


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