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Take care of your butt, Be Happy!

Feb 23rd, 2007 | By | Category: Hypnosis, News & Updates

Haha … are you having a hard day/week/month/year?

Fret not, I can promise to take your worries away in just 45 seconds … guaranteed! (ain’t I a true marketer, keke)

Just watch this short video below and I bet you’ll laugh the next time something bad happens :D

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  1. haha.. just brightened up my day..



  2. Heyz bro!

    Ermm.. Something weird.. Your sidebar is displayed on the bottom when viewed on IE 6 which is my browser..

    But on my gf’s browser IE 7, there’s no prob…

    Hmm this is so confusing..

  3. Haha … thanks Calvin,

    I think it’s because both of us are using the same template. I think it’s time to switch to Regulus or K2 … something that’s more tested.

  4. Thanks for sharing this :-)

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