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The Struggling Entrepreneur …

Sep 1st, 2006 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Happiness, Peace

I lost a big deal today. It sucks. I really thought I could take on a serious role in that organization and help them make some revenue … but … urggggggh!

Logically, I’m perfectly at peace with the situation. Both sides made the best decisions they could … and now I should logically move on, to find the next big client to work with.

But emotionally … I need a few hours to heal and get back to normal. To many people, “a few hours” doesn’t seem like a lot … but nowadays, a few hours of unhappiness is an alien feeling to me. So, I avoid it to the best of my abilities.

So, instead of writing here about logical ways of dealing with this (check … I’m sure Alvin has plenty of those down), I’m gonna talk about rapid emotional healing. Then, after I’m done writing about it, I’ll apply it and hopefully speed up my own healing.

So, the notes below … are notes to myself, ok? But if you do follow them in a dire situation of your own … remember to send me some telepathic love, I’m sure I’ll receive it :)

Healing Method 1
Call up 3 friends one by one. Talk to them about absolutely anything. What they liked during school days. What are their nieces and nephews like. Attempt to get swimming lessons over the phone. How the world sucks and we should be the new rulers. Bizzare stories of drunken driving in far away countries. You get the idea. Carry each conversation on for 10 minutes. If your friend attempts to shut the phone, accuse them being the cause of your future suicide and take them on a guilt trip. Yay!

Healing Method 2
Plug in heavy duty headphones. Start with a sad song (For hindi music lovers, start with Luka Chuppi from RDB). Let yourself cry your eyes out in this period (Poke yourself with a needle if required … Or watch the new Vince Vaughn – Jennifer Aniston movie … it’s bad enough to make your cry). After 4 minutes of this you will be so sick of the emotion, you’ll be dying to listen to some happy empowering music. Switch to one of the following themes (Superman theme or Rocky theme – if you’ve gone through PoE, then these songs should have special anchors for you). Listen to them at loud volume. This should make you feel better. Top it off with a selection of a happy song (Don’t worry be happy or Always look on the bright side of life or Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head)

Healing Method 3
Screw you. Do things always have to come in 3s?

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  1. sorry to hear it dude and hope you’re fine now

  2. HA – welcome to the REAL Entrepreneur’s Club…

  3. Haha … thanks Stuart! Ever since that happened I have been thinking only one thing … Now, I have my own stories like Stuarts … before “Why Am I Important” :D !!

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