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The Two Kinds of Women …

Aug 2nd, 2006 | By | Category: Romance

Following up on Janine’s post on the two kinds of men, here’s my theory on … (drumroll) … The Two Kinds of Women!

To elucidate on my points, let me pull out a few interesting sms conversations from my phone … with a few pretty little things over the last few days (will the ladies in question please blush in front of their computers … and then let out a little chuckle).
Conversation 1 (with Ms A)

Ms A: (bla bla bla), I’m ready for that task you asked for
Rach: It’s cool, I got someone else to do it … you can carry on
Ms A:
1st you want me, now you don’t. You men are all the same! hmph!
Rach: Push and pull sweetheart … Hot and Cold … Yin and Yang … You … And Me :) … The foreplay’s the best part anyway, isn’t it?
Ms A: Hahaha … hmph hmph!!
Rach: Now now … stop the sexual innuendo with all the “hmph”s … You shouldn’t “blow” so much … Not until a decent first date anyway!
Ms A: Haha … huh? Wait, Are you trying to hit on me … cos it’s not working, sorreee!
Rach: (Silently mutterring to himself … wtf?? … but publicly typing) Jeez, take it easy lady. You started the theme, I’m just being polite and making conversation … Why’re you bringing up the topic anyway, romantically frustrated lately? ;)
Ms A: (Thinking in her head … what? what does he mean? does he like me? do i like him? this is too wierd! I think I better say something to drive him away … so publicly saying) huh? haha … you got problems dude …
Rach: (Finally frustrated) Bugger off missy, come back when you inherit a humour vein in your head … later!

Conversation 2 (with Ms B)

Ms B: (bla bla bla) Have a good day!
Rach: (In a slightly philosophical mood) Don’t we all have the same day? It’s a small country after all … So you’re basically trying to messing with the gods and wishing a good day on the whole country? Hmmmm ….
Ms B: Alright Mr Smarty-Pants. I meant, have a happy day … Grrr
Rach: Now now, no need to get upset. Anyway, the day is over (Or is the sun still shining in [her part of Singapore]) … So take a deep breath, smell the even breeze and wish the world an exciting night … Oh, and no adjectives about my pants (you don’t have security clearance to comment on anything you’ve dreamed about ;) )
Ms B: As much as I wish, I’m not near home yet … U r gettng so cheeky!!
Rach: Again, with the sexual innuendo! My butt-cheeks are off limits until you pre-pay my pimp for an hour (suggestive winking to the phone screen)
Ms B: Haha … ok (bla bla bla work talk bla bla bla). So, anyway I’ll get back to you.
Rach: Of course … I know that eventually you WILL get back to me! Haha …
(Conversation continues over several days)

So, what’s your point jackasss?

There are two types of women.

The first kind need all their relationships clearly defined. They must know which friends fall in the “friend” category, which ones in the “gay friend” category, and which ones are “potential boyfriend” category.

As an extension to their life, they must know where each relationship is going, how much progress they’ve made there. And if these answers don’t become clear … they become flustered and anxious.

These women would make “steady” wives. And they’d make great tour-guides on the journey of life. Hell, everything is planned out, all the hotels & flights booked and complete satisfaction guaranteed by planning! But with both the people sticking to the plan … where would we ever get to use our wild hearts?
The other kind like to take each experience at its face value. For them, all friends fall in one category – friendship, connections, love, romance, sex all are just different facets of relationships. They can almost never say “no way” for one particular person … every falling into one particular category (aka best friend, or romantic interest).

They like to make friends. They like their friendships to take their own course without always wanting to know where it’s going. They like being swept away by mysterious men on dark horses … taking them to strange and wonderful castles in the middle of nowhere.

These women make great fellow travellors on the journey of life. They will sit besides you on the train and watch the green fields in awe. They will cherish the moments now without worrying about the moments in the future. But with both of us just enjoying the journey, who’s going to take the map and chart out the desination?

Ladies … which type are you?

And men … which type do you prefer?

I’d like to enjoy the journey, but she seems the first type right now … so how?

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