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This Holiday Season, Did You Cherish Your Friends?

Jan 19th, 2007 | By | Category: Happiness, Health & Healing, NLP, Peace, Personal Stories

In the beginning, we are all alone.

We spend 9 months in a closed, confined space just letting our body learn how to operate itself. We grow vital organs, ensure that we will survive to see the future … and all, in all are too busy to worry about anyone else.

Then we are born.

The first few years of our consciousness are quite confusing. We don’t know things. We don’t know languages. We don’t know … that we don’t know!

But we do have our parents who dote over us even as we’re covered in goo. We have relatives who constantly like to drop by and pull our cheeks (much to our dismay). And we gain a slight consciousness that these people around us are important.

As we leave childhood and grow older, most of us lose this support network. Some of us move out of our homes. Others act like teenagers and rebel against this immediate support group until we’re 80.

Luckily, most of us replace this support group with another – friends.

Friends who give us company when we’re bored.

Friends who keep us busy when we’re in pain.

Friends who (sometimes) convince us to come out and play, when there is a big test the next day.

Groups Of Friends …

More often than not, these friends club together into groups of friends.

Most of us have different circles – from school, from college, from work. And like on the actual TV series, sometimes its a combination of all of these.

But the best friends circles … are the one that share a past, or a present. Perhaps it’s a closely knit college group that still sticks together. Or its a very close group of work colleagues.

I Love My Friends

I have two such circles. Two groups of friends that I can go to, any time.

My Homies

One’s a group of college friends who will always remain my homies. Any night, I can call any of them up there will be plenty of enthusiastic fellows willing to shoot some pool, see a movie, or hit on some pretty ladies.

These friends of mine are currently out of town and I’m bored as hell. Haven’t played cards in years. Haven’t played tennis in years. And haven’t gotten wasted in a long time. (Update, I wrote this post back in December. Since then, we haven’t played cards or tennis, but we did get wasted. Really really wasted. Regret that night for several weeks wasted. Oh boy, I regret that night …)

My Coachies

Another’s a group of friends I coach POE with (Patterns of Excellence is coming up by the way, ask me for preview dates!). These guys & gals are typically more mature, but the fun I have with them is even more immature. We often have our own little parties with wine and barbeque. (Update, add cake to that list. We had an awesome christmas party with some wicked drinking games and about 5 kg of extra chocolate cake on 24th Dec)

This post has no real purpose

Yep, this post has no point. I’ve just wanted to appreciate my friends for the longest time … just hadn’t made the decision to hit the “publish” button yet :)

It’s been an interesting few months. And I’m at the end of the storm … the storm before the next calm. My book’s done (details coming soon), Last stretch of finishing with some unwanted clients. Finishing all the little details …. before I restart my real businesses.

I just wanted some virtual hugs from my friends … (hugs :) )

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  1. Dude good to see the post on friends and homies!….looking forward to the next “to be waisted” session! (for convenience hope its at bukit regency CONDO;)…congrats on the completion of the ebook..good luck with it!


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