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Jul 25th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

Sunday Morning – Went to the toastmasters. While we didn’t manage to start on time, the meeting room was much better than our usual and I got to speak!

Everyone who spoke was awesome … and my speech went really well! I spoke on a topic close to my heart – how it is OK to feel different from everyone else, because that’s what makes most of us special and achievers.

And I won the “Best Prepared Speech” award! Both the other speeches were also awesome (Ming’s speech on “All About Tofu” was especially funny).

Sunday Evening – After a long afternoon lunch with the Toastmasters gang, finally reached home at 6. While I just wanted to go and sleep … when Ravish offered me a game of tennis, I just couldn’t pass up the physical exercise.

It was me and NJ vs Ravish & Deep … haha, we rocked! Kicked butt set after set. NJ and I won 6-2, 6-0, 7-6 … the other team was having a lot of chemistry problems … haha. Anyway, that makes two consecutive weeks that I won all my matches … yayy!

Monday Morning – Woke up, rushed in some toastmasters visiting card stuff (man, its time consuming!). Then rushed to office for a client meeting. That finished around 3 … then I did a little work on my website (there’s a new, much better version of coming in 1 week!).

Monday Evening – Coach Training Day 1. Finally, coach training for Whoosh 19 has started … a lot of old familiar faces were missing (I sure do hope they drop by … it’ll be recharging). The whole evening was spent listening to crap by Pete … he is awesome! There’s a lot of advanced NLP going on behind the crap we talked all night … all the new coaches will get it as they come closer to Whoosh.

Tuesday Morning – Another early morning. Went to a client’s office in the morning … I had to step into the high-priced consultant’s shoes (without the high price). We spent the whole morning working on big picture issues, product strategy and launch strategy for the service that was in development. There are some IP issues involved … but in a day or two I will be able to talk more about this client’s product … it is really really ground breaking shit!
After that, went to Holland V to meet another friend … she’s from NOC and runs her own company too … hadn’t seen her in a long time.

Tuesday Evening – Coach training day 2 … Gonna be late (have to catch up on work some time!) … but I’ll show up for the last, important part. Gotto go now ….

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