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Wartime Injuries!

Jul 8th, 2006 | By | Category: Happiness, Health & Healing

After going to office … blogging for a few hours … pacing around the room … bouncing my stress ball against the wall … and nervously looking over the tasks I was supposed to finish on friday … I got a call from my homie

“Dude, come back home … it’s tennis time!”

Can’t say no to a good game of tennis now, can I? :)

I took a bus ride home (usually I get lazy and find a cab) … had to switch two buses … but I got to sit in a double decker bus after a long time!

While I was sitting in the first seat of the top floor … I realized something cool. The bus driver actually has a periscope for himself! The botttom of the periscope is near his seat … there’s a free path for the light to travel all the way to the top of the floor … and there’s a mirror on the top of the floor … isn’t that cool??

I used to love kaliedoscopes and periscopes back in high school … made them every year for my school project. Never thought I’d see them be used on anything but a submarine!

Anyway came back … went to play tennis with Ravish, Sushant, Chandy and Shivanu.

Got my butt kicked.

I can’t even remember the score now … but we played pretty badly and got thrashed by everyone!

And what’s worse … I injured myself :( . While taking a tough shot at the baseline … I tumbled and got (wartime) wounds on my hands, knees and shoulders.

(The tumbling made me look cool though :P )

It’s been a long time since I got scratched that bad … had to use an alcohol swab (It hurt like a bitch! I was screaming in my shower for 30 seconds … I think my neighbours may have gotten the wrong idea).

Anyway … feel like a special kid now … roaming around with three band-aids on different parts of my body. And I’ll have war wounds to show for my gallient effort on the tennis court :D

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