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You Win Some … You Lose Some …

Jul 17th, 2006 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Happiness

It was yet another crazy busy week! I’m suddenly regretting my new-found obsession with closing more deals and getting more clients …

Anyway, through the whole week, I did find time to play some sports and gym a bit …

On Friday night, I played ice-hockey with the boys. Mostly got my butt kicked (although the matches were often very close).

Immediately afterwards, we played DayToner. I uncharacteristically lost (I’m usually the champion in the bukit batok area).

For the rest of the week, I did weight training on a few late nights after work. Lifting weights feels good :D … If I wasn’t so sensitive to all the protein drinks and other foods, I would seriously be looking like Sly Stallone right now :)

Then on sunday evening, I squeezed out 45 minutes between planning a marketing campaign for a client (on the phone) and speaking at a Stuart teleseminar (it was fun, let’s do it again!) … to play tennis!

Played with Shivanu and Ravish … and man, I rocked :D . I won both the matches I played … in fact, in one match I won even though it was me (one guy) vs them (two guys)!

So, yeah … You win some, You lose some … but All’s Well that Ends Well … thank you tennis! You’re gonna make my week!

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