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Free White Papers On Getting & Converting Google Traffic

On this page, you’ll find some of the white papers and corporate presentations I give to companies in Singapore. They cover areas like Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Effective Web Design, Web Traffic Conversion and more.

AdWords Basics – 27 Things You NEED To Know About Google AdWords

The Google AdWords cheat sheet contains the absolute essential information you need to know BEFORE you start using Google AdWords. It’s a dense page of AdWords basics that everyone needs to read at least once.

Click here to download the “Google AdWords Cheat Sheet” (pdf)

AdWords Advanced – The 5 Step Optimization Process To Squeeze Maximum Profits

This white paper is a reference sheet for professionals who expect to start on an AdWords campaign soon – or have already done so. It breaks down the entire process of optimization into little steps, so you never have to worry about what to do next. It’s a step by step guide on building and reaping the rewards from a winning campaign.

Click here to download the “Google AdWords: Advanced Optimization” cheat sheet (pdf)

SEO Basics – How to get A High Rank on Google

The SEO cheat sheet contains all the basic & advanced techniques for getting your site high in rankings in Google, Yahoo & MSN. If you execute these steps well, then your business will have one, extra, solid lead generation mechanism that your competition lacks. Absolute essential guide, so print it and keep it near your computer.

Click here to download the “Search Engine Optimization Cheat Sheet” (pdf)