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Let me use Google AdWords for your business to created a constant, automated, low cost source of leads

Hi, I’m Rachit. I was Singapore’s first Google AdWords Qualified Professional in Jan 2006, have managed over $200,000 of Ad spend since then and can manage/optimize your Google Advertising project at a very affordable cost.

My clients include Singapore small and medium sized businesses who typically spend between $500 and $15,000/month on Google AdWords. For a very affordable fee, I can set up, manage and optimize the entire process of getting and converting traffic from Google for you. Just drop me a message with this form, or give me a call at +65 9489 6814 if you’d like to chat about your needs.

Portfolio – Selected Past & Current Clients

Google AdWords clients of Rachit Dayal

Pay Per Click & Google Advertising Services

Here are some of the things I do for my search marketing clients …

  • Exhaustive keyword research:
    Your customers are already searching for a product/service like yours. I find these keywords and phrases. And while many PPC agencies might stop by finding the easiest keywords (brand names or general words), I’ll go the extra mile to find hundreds of lesser known keywords that will provide a much better conversion rate. Learn more about keyword & competitor research.
  • Expert campaign setup:
    Google campaign can be a 24/7 source of online leads and sales. But if it’s set up the wrong way, it can also be a money hole which keeps sucking your advertising dollars into the wrong drain. Talk to me and have an expert set up your campaign. I’ll pick the best keywords, content properties, ads and landing pages to give you the perfect start you need in this competitive medium. Learn more about campaign setup services & packages
  • Compelling ads to maximize click-through-rates & conversions:
    AdWords ads have about 70 characters of space per ad. Squeezing your competitive advantages in those two tiny lines is an art that takes experience. I’ve written ads that have click-through rates of over 40% (the industry average is about 0.5%) and can do the same for your business. Learn more about campaign management & optimization.
  • Constant testing & improvement:
    Here’s a dirty little secret that only the most successful internet marketers know. All the money in AdWords is made by constantly testing different versions of ads and improving click-through-rates and conversion rates. With just a few months of testing, you can leave your competing ads miles behind and your CTRs and conversion rates can be 400-800% more than competitors! Learn more about campaign management & optimization.
  • Eliminate non-performing keywords and add new relevant phrases:
    Sometimes, even the best testing isn’t able to salvage some keywords. It is then important to identify these keywords and stop spending money on them. On the other hand, every new week of running ads gives us new lessons on new and more relevant keywords that are worth testing. Learn more about campaign management & optimization.
  • Landing Pages & Strategy Consulting:
    So we can get the traffic to your door. Are you exploiting that traffic to the best of its abilities? Are you commiting the cardinal sin of sending targeted traffic to your untargeted home page? I can help you identify bottlenecks in your current conversion process and design/write persuasive landing pages to attain your sales/lead generation targets. Learn more about campaign management & optimization.

It’s 2009 – And you need to know that Getting Results From Google AdWords Singapore Is A Lot of Hard Work

Like any mature marketing medium (think of newspapers, television and print advertising) … there is an art and science to getting AdWords to bring results. And the biggest ingredient to PPC success is applying the right strategies, with commitment and consistency.

Doing paid search marketing in-house is a bit like defending yourself in a court … without a lawyer. You could do it, you’re allowed to. But it’s pretty dangerous. If you would want to hire the best lawyers & legal partners you could afford, right?

It’s the same with your marketing campaigns. You could probably hire a cheap intern or find an interested employee and they could figure out how to play with Google AdWords. But when you’re spending your limited money in advertising, do you want to leave things up to chance?

The Potential of Google AdWords

Google Adwords has enormous potential to help ANY business. Never before in the history of advertising, has it been possible to spend 5 bucks, 10 minutes to write some ads and get access to 200 millions targeted prospects using Google AdWords.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of great things about Google AdWords – Access anyone who’s using Google, around the world, pay only when a visitor arrives at your site and lower cost of customer acquisition than traditional media.

And the choices are amazing – you can target countries, states and cities with your advertising. You can know the exact demographic of the person seeing your ad. You can show text ads, image ads and even video ads. You can control your budget down to the cent. You’ll know the exact amount of money each customer makes you. And you don’t have to pay unless the visitors actually come to your site and listen to your marketing pitch.

So, take a look at the portfolio below, read through your options on this page … and if you need your business to dominate the Internet, contact me so we can get started right now!

Who Am I, And What Qualifies Me To Work On Your AdWords Campaign

I’ve been working with Google AdWords since 2004. In Jan 2006, I became the first person in Singapore to become an AdWords Qualified Professional (then I re-qualified in 2008 and am currently the longest serving Google qualified consultant). I’ve passed Google’s rigorous examination, completed a 90-day AdWords internship period, and managed numerous accounts with ad spends of $100 to $15,000 each per month.

Click here to verify my Google Qualifications (will open a new window and take you to an official Google page about me)

But that’s only half the story – Beyond these qualifications and experiences, I spend $5000+ and hundreds of hours each year, studying books, attending Google AdWords seminars and learning from the brightest minds in the industry to be at the forefront of Google AdWords knowledge in the world. When you work with me on your Google AdWords account, you don’t just get a resume of qualifications – you get the same strategies that the most advanced marketers in the world are using.

I’ve managed over $150,000 of PPC ads and seen them result in over a million dollars of sales. I also reinvested almost all my profits back into education – networking, participating in “inner circles”, and learning from the best PPC/Direct marketers in the world.

Search Advertising is a complex but effective marketing medium. And it’s hard to explain its features and pitfalls in just one short page.

If you’re interested in starting a new Google AdWords campaign or optimizing and existing Pay Per Click campaign … then drop me an email (at or leave me a message with the form below.

We’ll set up a face-to-face meeting where I can tell you whether AdWords is appropriate for your business.

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