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Hi, my name is Rachit Dayal – and I was Singapore’s first Qualified Google Advertising Singapore Professional (back in Jan 2006). I’ve set up numerous campaigns for businesses in Singapore and helped them capture traffic & sales from google.

Google Advertising in Singapore can be a potent, lethal tool in your marketing arsenal. It can outsmart competition and dramatically increase your connections with potential clients. When properly set up, you can show on the first page of Google for your brand names and industry keywords. You can also display on almost every other website your prospect visits during the day.

But if improperly used, AdWords can be a money hog. You can watch thousands of dollars wash down the drain in the matter of hours. And if that happens, you’ll be angrily trying to forget Google AdWords – calling it one of those unhappy periods of your life.

I’ve been working with Google AdWords since 2004. In 2006, I became the first person in Singapore to become an AdWords Qualified Professional (then I requalified in 2008). I’ve passed Google’s rigorous examination, completed a 90-day AdWords internship period, and managed numerous accounts with ad spends of $100 to $15,000 each per month. Click here to verify my Google Qualifications (will open a new window and take you to an official Google page about me)

But that’s only half the story – Beyond these qualifications and experiences, I spend $5000+ and hundreds of hours each year, studying books, attending Google AdWords seminars and learning from the brightest minds in the industry to be at the forefront of Google AdWords knowledge in the world. When you work with me on your Google AdWords account, you don’t just get a resume of qualifications – you get the same strategies that the most advanced marketers in the world are using.

Every website and online business is unique. When we work together, we’ll have to talk about how to best reach your customers online. But I’ve also found that most websites fit into one of the following three treats every website as unique but most websites will fit into one of the following three categories.

Do you want to advertise a new website? This package is for you! Do you want to advertise a website in a competitive industry or a small eCommerce site? This package is for you! Do you want to advertise a highly competitive eCommerce websites? This package is for you!
Google AdWords Package Google AdWords Package Google AdWords Package
Silver Package
Suitable for small websites trying to attractive new customers

  • Suitable for monthly budgets between S$200 and S$1000
  • 100 Unique Keywords (Minimum)
  • 20 Ads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Geo Targeting
  • 3 separate landing pages
  • Monthly reports on the campaign’s performance
Gold Package
Suitable for most websites and small ecommerce websites

  • Suitable for monthly budgets between S$1000 and S$3000
  • 100 – 500 Unique Keywords
  • 40-50 Ads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Geo Targeting
  • 10 or more separate landing pages(helps reduce costs)
  • Ads enabled for certain times of the day
  • Weekly or monthly reports on the campaign’s performance
Platinum Package
Suitable for websites in extremely competitive industries, most ecommerce websites and those looking to flood the market and get ahead of competitors.

  • Suitable for monthly budgets more than S$3000
  • 500 or more unique and targeted keywords
  • 100 or more content properties where your branding ads will show (image or flash ads)
  • 2 optimized ads and 2 landing pages for each set of 20-50 keywords
  • Geo Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Advanced Google Analytics & Funnel Tracking *
  • Ads enabless for certain times of the day
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports
Free 3 months Campaign Management & Optimization with every new account created. Contact Me Now

* Google Analytics & Funnel tracking will determine which page on your checkout has the highest dropout rate and which pages on your website are least appealing.

If you’d like to learn more about my campaign setup services for Google Advertising in Singapore, please use the form below to contact me. Thanks :)

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