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AdWords Campaign Optimization or Troubleshooting

Let me take a look at your campaign if your Ads are not showing or you’re not getting an ROI

Getting Google AdWords to work for you and get a decent return is a challenging task. It involves lots of work in keyword pruning, landing page optimization, cost adjustments and numerous other tweaks. And even if you follow the textbook steps of campaign optimization, there’re no guarantees you’ll be able to get the kind of results you need.

And very often, for no reason at all – your ads will stop showing. Or the editorial process will the ban the ads. And that’s when you may need to call in an expert to fix the problem. The cost of hiring me on an incident basis is only a fraction of your budget, but will pay back in thousands of dollars of return and leads.

If you already have a campaign all set up, then let me handle its growth and improvement. Campaign optimization is much more than just adjusting your bids. These are some of the things I do for my clients:

  • keyword research and optimisation
  • creation and expansion of ads
  • pruning of low performance keywords and ads
  • professional account management
  • structured campaign management
  • optimisation and expansion of ad groups
  • budget management
  • ad tracking
  • improvement of Quality Score
  • and much more.

How AdWords Campaign Optimization Works

I’ll manage all aspects of your Google AdWords account. We’ll start by identifying the aims of your campaign/s, and from there handle the keywords, match options, bids, budgets, ads and tracking on an ongoing basis.

Depending on your budget, industry competitiveness and corporate working style, we can speed up or slow down the tasks required of campaign management. Here are some of the benefits of letting me manage and optimize your Google Account:

  • Have your Google AdWords account managed by a Google Qualified Professional
  • Set-it and forget it; we handle everything for you
  • Free up your time
  • Improve your ROI
  • Stop wasting money
  • Start pulling-in low-cost, targeted traffic
  • Receive monthly reports detailing all aspects of any changes, alterations and results

The pricing for this package depends on your needs and requirements.
Other pricing factors include whether you have an existing account, the condition and setup of the account, your budget, number of campaigns, number of ad groups, number of keywords, number of ads, your tracking system and any other factors that may affect how much work is involved.

Before we begin, we’ll sit down and chalk out your goals and the amount of work required to get there, and figure out a reasonable fees to get there. Do use the form below to reach me.

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