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I’m Singapore’s First Qualified Analytics Individual and Provide Installation, Troubleshooting and Analysis Consulting for Google Analytics

Hi, I’m Rachit Dayal. I was Singapore’s first Individual to be certified by Google on my Google Analytics skills – I’ve been using Google Analytics since before it was launched (and called Urchin) back in 2004. I’ve installed and analyzed this platform for over 50 websites of various complexities and helped businesses solve the problem of understanding their customers.

I’d love to work with you on your website – My prices are very affordable and my clients have always been ecstatic about the services and insights I bring to their web marketing efforts. If you’re interested in Google Analytics in Singapore, please use the web form below to reach me.

Selected Google Analytics Clients

Rachit Dayal - Selected Google Analytics Clients

Who Should Be Reading This?

I can Help you if …

  • Your Google Analytics isn’t working.
  • You need installation help or basic training
  • You see the statistics, but don’t know how to act on them.
  • You need some professional training in Google Analytics.
  • You’re using Google AdWords and need to verify the clicks are worth it
  • You’re testing with Google Website Optimizer but aren’t sure how to integrate it with Analytics

The Power & Potential of Google Analytics

Wondering what visitors are really doing on your website? Tried your hand at Google Analytics but are not sure if it’s working right? Have Google Analytics but are not sure how to interpret the data?

I’ve installed and monitored Google Analytics accounts for clients for over four years now. It’s a tough beast to master, and there are a million different things that can go wrong.

And although Google Analytics is free – installing, troubleshooting and monitoring it takes time and money. The good news is that it’s all worth it – the insight Google Analytics can give you is worth significantly more than what you pay for.

Features of my Google Analytics Singapore Consulting

My Google Analytics consulting services include setting up advanced features such as Goal Setting and Conversions, e-commerce reporting, and Google Analytics based Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords campaign development and and Google Website Optimizer to test alternative designs and landing pages.

My approach is direct and the processes and budgets are open and transparent. A key point of difference in my Google Analytics consulting services is that I train clients in understanding and interpreting the data from their own website, instead of just string them along with a retainer each month.

There are several options in working with me for your Google Analytics needs:

Option 1 – Hourly Consulting

You can hire me on a per hour basis for phone support, interpretation and installation assistance. Topics for telephone consultation are:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Data analysis
  • Choose and set up goals
  • Configure e-commerce tracking, where relevant
  • Configure audience segmentation
  • Set up your dashboard and any e-mailed reports
  • Track all of your campaigns, including offline direct mail, using Google Analytics
  • Create a plan for monitoring, interpreting and acting on data collected

Option 2 – Setup Package

If you’re interested in getting a real advantage out of Google Analytics and want me to install it the right way on your website, then you should consider the Google Analytics Setup Package. The cost of the setup varies depending on the number of pages and the complexity of website. Each Google Analytics setup includes:

  • Code installation and testing
  • Events, goals and ecommerce tracking setup
  • Goal funnels and visitor segmentation setup
  • Dashboard and emailed report setup

There are several factors to consider when setting up Google Analytics to ensure that you get the most out of it. During my initial consultation and site review with you, we’ll discuss current marketing strategy, objectives and desired metrics (goals, key performance indicators, report needs, etc.) so that we fully understand the business, success factors, and custom requirements.

Based on the reporting, segmentation and profiling requirements, I’ll configure and apply proper Google Analytics tracking code throughout your website to effectively track visitors across all segments of your website.  I’ll also install the goals, ecommerce module and reports needed for getting the most out of your new tool.

Option 3 – Google Analytics for WordPress

WordPress is a unique situation for Google Analytics – installation is simple and easy with the use of multiple plugins. (There are several high quality WordPress plugins like Yoast’s Google Analytics for WordPress and Ultimate Google Analytics). But the tricky part of the equation comes in setting up goals for blogging and understanding the data the system provides. If you blog using wordpress, my consulting services can help:

  • Troubleshooting code and removing multiple references
  • Checking your theme’s hard code and integrating the plugins
  • Goal funnels and visitor segmentation setup
  • Dashboard and emailed report setup

For clients using WordPress, I highly recommend installing the above plugins on their own and experimenting with Analytics first. And engaging me only for troubleshooting and advanced understanding of the results.

Option 4 – Google Analytics for eCommerce

Google Analytics provides all the data you need to run effective campaigns for your ecommerce store. With the advanced ecommerce installation, Google Analytics can pull your revenue data from transactions that take place in your ecommerce engine. This allows for you to get accurate ROI (Return on Investment) data for all of your separate marketing campaigns.

By having this critical information, you will see which campaigns deliver the best results so you can invest more of your marketing dollars toward those campaigns while reducing expenditure on campaigns that don’t produce as well.Google Analytics can also import your Adwords expenditure for specific keywords. You see the actual cost-versus-revenue data for a single keyword so you don’t waste advertising dollars on phrases that don’t meet your minimal ROI.

The ecommerce setup for Google Analtyics requires some programming knowledge and I have the experience and technical capabilities to properly setup and install this more advanced feature. In some cases, I’ll engage external consultants if the work required is out of my domain knowledge. In any case, once you hand the responsibility to me, I’ll figure out how to set things up and start tracking your commerce sales.

Option 5 – Conversion Optimization or Lead Generation

If you run a website that sells services, products or any other kind of site where the goal is for the visitor to “convert” into a prospect, then this service is for you. On some sites, this “conversion” could be filling out a contact form, on others it could be downloading a white paper, on still others it could be the purchase of a book or inexpensive service.

Tracking these “conversions”, and knowing how many of them happen is the beginning of conversion optimization. I can help you identify and establish your site’s conversion points. I’ll also find specific goal paths that led to the highest conversion rates and remove any bottlenecks stopping your visitors from turning into prospects.

When you engage me for a Conversion Optimization Consulting session, we’ll split our time equally between Google Analytics and Business Strategy, making sure we do whatever needs to be done to give your site’s conversion rate a boost.

What’s Next?

If you’ve seen the list of clients above, like the way I think about web analytics then let’s get started. Drop me a message from the contact form below, and we can begin on your Google Analytics service.

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