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Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates and take the guesswork out of Website Success with the new Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer is a free new testing software by Google. It allows you to try different layouts, different headlines, different content, different buttons, and even new colors on your site. It’s a flexible testing platform that allows both split A/B testing and multivariate testing without making permanent changes to your site.

Selected Past Clients for Google Website Optimizer

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Use Google Website Optimizer for your Singapore Website

And the real benefit of testing is that your visitors ultimately determine which site elements cause them to perform a “conversion”. The conversions or actions you can measure include filling out a form, adding an item to the shopping cart, downloading a white paper or completing a purchase on the site.

By using website optimizer, you will be able to:

  • Increase your website sales and lower your acquisition costs through improving your overall conversion rates
  • Eliminate the guesswork from your design and optimization process.
  • Provide your visitors with a better user experience and reduce bounce and exit rates on your site
  • Optimize all elements of your site, from landing page through checkout process, all without having to change any of your website code.

And here are some official case studies from Google with clients who have seen tremendous boosts in conversion rates by using this tool.

What results can You expect?

Over the last three years, my clients have consistently averaged 30% improvement in conversion by deploying testing.  In some cases, the final winner was double as effective as the original page.

Having seen results like this, I’m surprised when I see website that are not testing and improving their website. The clients below have engaged me to implement Google Website Optimizer on their sites to test layouts, headlines, prices and even product names!

You can expect to achieve significant improvements to your conversion rates, faster data/experiment turnaround, and reduced overall business risk.

  • I have achieved conversion improvements of well over 100% through Google Website Optimizer, with results averaging between 25-30%.
  • You can run multiple tests and speed up the rate of receiving results
  • The entire process is risk-free. You can easily eliminate any tests and no permanent changes will be made to the website.
  • Unlike conversion attempts like new site redesigns and adding content, there is no risk to the current site performance.

GWO is not just for paid search landing pages. It has the ability to test your homepage, product pages, shopping cart pages, lead form pages or any page on your site; or pages on a partner’s website that have an impact on conversion, leads, and sales. In short, you’ll want to use GWO on every important page that affects your online business generation ability.

The areas in which you’ll see gains include:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Optimize landing page design & usability
  • Increase visitor time-on-site
  • Decrease bounce rate & improve visitor satisfaction

Why Isn’t Everyone Using It Already?

Google Website Optimizer is an incredibly powerful tool. And by making it free, Google’s done a wonderful job of making website testing affordable for every business owner.

But it’s not all fun and games. To get the most out of a GWO experiement, you need a lot of design, marketing and technical aptitude. You must:

  • Configure the tool and your website to work together
  • Carefully design your experiments
  • Develop page variations for your test
  • Add the correct code to your test pages
  • Test your test: make sure data is being collected properly
  • Conduct the tests
  • Gather and interpret test results
  • Act on the results

And implementing all these steps is where most marketers lose momentum. But if you understand the potential of testing, and realize that one simple test could easily add thousands of dollars to your sales bottom line in 2009, you should consider working with me. My past clients have been amazed by the results they gain from GWO, and I’m sure you will be too.

How We’ll Work On a GWO Project

Step 1 – Page Identification & Design

I’ll sit down with you to brainstorm and identify areas of your site to test. These areas will be the critical bottlenecks that hold the key to improving your website’s conversion rates. The brainstorming results will then be transformed into multiple designs to be used for split A/B and multivariate testing through Website Optimizer.

Step 2 – Installing & Testing

Transferring the designs from theory on to the live website is a challenging task that requires technical knowledge. I’ll work with your existing web master or website developer to install the new code safely on to your main site. Then, before the testing goes live, I’ll test every variation to make sure that your site has the ability to always roll back to the original code.

Step 3 – Tracking & Analysis

Once your experiment starts running, we’ll schedule Analysis sessions where we sit down and track the performance of all the variations being tested. Whether we’re testing headlines, colors, layouts or prices – each Analysis session will bring new insight for you and your management team. We’ll continue to do this until we determine the most successful variation as tested by your site’s visitors.

Your experiment is running. Now what? I’ll track the performance of each website optimizer experiment and regularly communicates progress and status with you. I’ll analyze all statistics and convert them into plain English so you can easily track which variation of an experiment is motivating visitors the most.

4 Ways To Engage Me for a GWO Testing Project

  1. A la carte incident consultation: these sessions are sold in 2 hour blocks. These sessions will provide answers to a variety of questions specific to using and implementing Google Website optimizer.
  2. Experiment design, setup, implementation and consulting: I will brainstorm, design and integrate GWO with your website. I’ll also work with any existing web marketing staff and address any technical limitations involved in the process. The cost to complete the implementation varies from project to project. Please contact me for a discussion.
  3. Google website optimizer paired with one of my other services: If you have engaged me or plan to engage me in one of our services; website design, google adwords setup & management, google analytics consulting, branding & logo design or consulting & training; the implementation of Google Website Optimizer can be included into the site at significant discount. Contact me to learn more.
  4. Personalized Training Sessions: Do you want to familiarize your entire marketing team with Google Website Optimizer? I conduct a 2-day intensive on-site training that will provide attendees with everything they need to know to understand, design and implement a GWO test. The pricing for these sessions depends on the number of attendees and starts at S$1500.

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